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Real Estate Auction

is an Incredibly Valuable

Tool in Any Market

Gain Control of your Sales and closing dates- increase your revenue!

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You will learn:

  • What is a real estate auction?
  • Benefits to the Broker, Seller and Buyer
  • Why use the auction method
  • Factors that impact the success of an auction
  • And much more

Benefits to you, the Broker:

  • Earn equivalent commissions
  • Don’t lose another listing
  • Create a market niche
  • Build a HUGE buyers list
  • Move those hard- to sell- listings
  • Generate more sales and revenue

What you can offer your clients:

  • A guaranteed sale and closing date- the seller can actually choose the date they WANT to sell
  • Multiple QUALIFIED buyers
  • Non-contingent contracts
  • Buyer pays the commission and other fees
  • 30 day closing or less
  • No negotiating- your client sets the terms.
  • 10% hard earnest money resulting in a 98% closing ratio

One Property - Many Buyers

We excel at bringing multiple buyers to your property

It's no wonder why buyers and sellers are choosing real estate auction now more than ever. Sellers choose their sale date and have the unfair advantage of focusing the entire buying marketplace on their property. Buyers prefer auction due to it's simplicity and transparency. No more haggling over petty details.

We welcome you to discover this unique and advantageous method of sale.

-- Janelle Karas

Successful Prestige Auctions

Colorado Mountain Ranch

Nested on 160 acres and surrounded by national forest.

Nathrop, CO

Sold for $964,000

Winter Park Luxury Home

Fully furnished luxury home in a prime mountain resort location

Winter Park, CO

Sold for $863,500

The Ticonderoga Ranch

27 Exquisite Rocky Mountain Parcels

Chama, NM

Sold for $2,500,000

Silver Hawk Casino

Break into Black Hawk’s BOOMING 24/7 High Stakes Gaming Market!

Sold for

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