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Keep Your Listings

By associating with Prestige, you have years of experience behind you. We are here to help you provide more services to your clients when it comes to selling their property. By using our accelerated sales approach for your listing you improve your likelihood for success by leveraging our premier buyer network and marketing skills.

Expand Your Market Share

Our goal is to educate and team up with brokers to help you obtain more listings and sell more property utilizing the auction method of marketing. By adopting an auction program, you have the advantage of standing out from your competition and creating a market niche. This allows you to focus on your real estate business while we focus on the auction program that will compliment your listings and get them SOLD! Additionally, each auction offers multiple opportunities to meet and socialize with motivated buyers, complimenting your existing business.

Increase Your Earnings

We pay competitive commissions on both the buy and sell side. Your earnings are no different from the traditional transaction method. However, while we handle the marketing of your listing, this gives you more time to help other clients achieve their real estate goals. By adding auction services to your tool box, you position yourself as a full service broker, attracting more clients and making more income.

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