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"Playing the Auction card in a listing presentation is a good way to win a listing. Janelle gave a number of bullet points that will help agents while preparing a presentation."

Auction Benefits for Real Estate Professionals

There are some significant advantages associated with adding auction services to compliment your core real estate business.

Gain control of your sales and closing dates and increase your business!!

  • Become full service - auction will add to your portfolio of services helping you maintain the image of a full service broker, giving your client other options when it comes to selling their property.

  • Never lose another listing - the auction acts as an “insurance policy” which you will get paid upon the sale of the property, before possibly losing it to another broker. This listing retention element is a BIG plus to you.

  • Develop a market niche - by adopting an auction program, you have the advantage of standing out from the competition. In the real estate world, establishing market share is the most essential key to success.

  • Earn equivalent commissions - we value your time and effort, paying you accordingly. Although we cannot discuss commissions in this setting, rest assured that you will be compensated on your auction listing. We also pay the buyer broker.

  • Become the hero - let’s face it not all properties sell quickly. If you have a unique or high-end property that has been sitting on the market, offer the auction option and assist your client in getting their property sold in a timely manner.

  • Leverage your time - by utilizing Prestige as your auction arm you are able to focus on your real estate business and allow us to focus on the auction that will complement your listings and get them SOLD!

  • Build a buyer list - auctions create a huge amount of interest. Come auction day we have handfuls of buyers present at the auction and only one winning bidder. This leaves a huge opportunity for you to work with any unrepresented buyer. There are also many people that will not have an interest in the auction property but are still in the market to buy- yet another opportunity for you to build a strong buyer list.

WIth over 10 years of real estate connections in the Denver area and throughout Colorado we have an extensive buyers list. Let us help your client get in front of them.

The benefits go on and on. Pick up the phone today and become one of our Auction Affiliates to begin grabbing your share of the market!

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We offer an accelerated sales solution that focuses the entire market on your listing. Thirty day, contingency-free closings. Agents always receive commissions .

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Address: 820 S. Monaco Pkwy Suite 318

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