Why Prestige

"It is more efficient to offer a single property at one time to a thousand potential buyers as opposed to offering that same property, one buyer at a time, a thousand times." Janelle Karas


This statement encompasses the mission statement of Prestige and the belief on which the company is built.


Our idea of unprecedented efficiency is behind our 14 successful years here in the Western United States. We are your regional experts at the forefront of real estate, combining auction experience with cutting edge technology and marketing.


Our team consists of trained professionals dedicated to selling your property for the most competitve price the market will bear.  We are experienced in every aspect of the real estate auction process, from an intensive, saturation marketing campaign, to building the event,  to the auction date, to contracts and closing. We distinguish ourselves by our ability to create aggressive and targeted, high-end yet cost-effective, campaigns to suit the needs and respond to the wants of our clientele.


We are privileged to have marketed a wide range of properties at our auctions - as much as two adjacent mega-million dollar ocean retreat estates to as little as commercial development land lots.  Ranch, resort, luxury city and mountain properties, inns, casinos – you name it, we’ve done it – and are ready to put our experience to work on your behalf.


By choosing Prestige, you are hiring the most productive property marketing team in our region - efficiency is the name of our game and is the founding principle of how we deliver the most amount of money for a specific property, in the shortest amount of time.


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